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8 spots free
8 spots free
Enrolled 2 times today
Enrolled 2 times today
CASPer is claimed to be a trademark of McMaster & Altus. BeMo does not recommend, endorse nor affiliate with CASPer, Altus or McMaster and vice versa.
CASPer is claimed to be a trademark of McMaster & Altus. BeMo does not recommend, endorse nor affiliate with CASPer, Altus or McMaster and vice versa.

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Ace Any CASPer® TEST Question

If you're preparing for the CASPer test for the first time or have been rejected in the past this probably sounds familiar to you q:

  • You have no clue how to prepare in advance and don't trust those that say you can't prepare like it's a test from another planet; 
  • You can't think fast on your feet to answer the complicated questions on CASPer in just 5 minutes;
  • You don't know how to identify and answer different types of CASPer questions;
  • You are sick of hearing "just be yourself": when you are trying to improve to be your BEST self; 
  • You don't have perfect grades or standardized test scores and you don't want to give the admissions committee another excuse to reject you.

If this sounds about right, you've come to the right place. We've helped more applicants than all of our competitors combined for the CASPer test because what we do works and it works consistently. That's why we have big bold guarantees. Scroll down to see how it all works.

Disclaimer: CASPER is an acronym for computer based assessment for sampling personal characteristics, which McMaster and Altus assert is their trademark. BeMo does not endorse nor affiliate with CASPER, McMaster or Altus and vice versa. BeMo is an independent educational firm and provider of CASPer preparation programs and simulations only (CASPer SIM®). To find out how to take the actual test, contact Altus directly.

Yes, You Can Prepare For CASPer®.

CASPer® is not a memorization exam. It's a behavioral type test so you need a different strategy compared to traditional tests. But just like any other test, you can prepare for this test. Any type of behavior is learnt behavior. No one is born with any type of bahavior but you can perfect any skill with the right preparation strategy. At BeMo we use a simple 5-step, yet scientifically proven, process to help you increase your practice score by up to 23%. Guaranteed. Here's how it works:

4th Quartile Challenge™ & No B.S. FREE Repeat™ Guarantees 

If you score in the 4th quartile within one admissions cycle of your enrollment, your prep is free on us! We'll turn your enrollment fee into BeMo credits to use for other parts of your journey with BeMo. That's not all. If you don't get accepted to any program, you can repeat your program free. No questions asked. No B.S.

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Conquer Any Question

You need a killer strategy. The first thing we teach you is how to identify and have a specific strategy for answering different TYPES of CASPer® questions. You see, no one can predict the exact questions you are going to see on your test but if you have a quick and easy way to answer different TYPES of questions, it doesn’t matter what questions you’ll see on your test date because you’ll be able to answer any possible question fast. We teach you about the 23 different types of questions and even provide specific examples in our CASPer® prep online video course. We even give you a specific framework to answer any possible question in just 5 steps. 

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The ONLY Realistic Practice Tests (Amateur Acting Included)

Once you know how to tackle different types of questions, it’s time to put theory into practice. This is when we set you up with the only realistic CASPer® simulations available so you can get over your fear of the unknown and start practicing for your test. Our tests are similar to the real test and taken online. 12 scenarios, each with 8 video scenarios and 4 question-based scenarios. Each scenario is followed by 3 questions and you’ll have a total of 5 minutes to answer all 3 questions after each scenario. Not only that, even our videos have amateur actors just like the real test. We actually intentionally got amateur actors so we can match the acting on the real test because it’s important to mimic the test as much as possible. But this is still not enough. In order to learn to ace this test, you need something else, proven to be absolutely essential for improved CASPer practice performance. 

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Learn From The Best. Become Your Best Self.

Once you have completed each CASPer® practice test, our CASPer® experts will review every single answer you had provided word-by-word and provide you with specific feedback based on our revolutionary Sound Judgement Technique™ (SJT®). We'll tell you exactly what you are doing well and what areas require improvement so you can learn from your mistakes and score higher. We'll even identify red flags you must avoid. Our goal is to teach you all the skills you need to become a better practicing professional. A better person. This incidentally will also help you ace the test.

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Unlimited Practice. Unlimited Dreams.

When it comes to CASPer®, repetition is king in our opinion. We’ll keep throwing you into the deep end with CASPer® practice tests followed by expert feedback until we are 100% confident that you are ready for your actual test. In fact, our prep programs have been proven to increase practice scores by up to 23%. Even a few percentage points can mean the difference between an acceptance vs. a rejection.

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Top 5% CASPer® Prep Experts.

Our team of CASPer® prep experts are actual BeMo certified CASPer® prep experts. We have a very strict hiring process that includes 4 stages of testing and only 5% of applicants who want to work with us get hired at BeMo. Even then they each receive over 100 hours of training before they are allowed to help our students so you know you're in good hands.

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93.5% Success Rate. 100% Convenient.

Everything happens conveniently online. You don't need to go anywhere and can learn from anywhere. We also offer flexible scheduling so you can learn whenever and wherever you learn best. It’s all simple and super fast. Now you know why we have a 93.5% success rate. If you are serious about getting that acceptance letter, schedule your free strategy call now. 

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Proven Results. BOLD Guaranteees

  • Love It Or Your Money Back

  • 4th Quartile Challenge™ Guarantee

  • No B.S. FREE Repeat™ Guarantee

  • CASPer SIM Score Increase Guarantee

  • 93.5% Success Rate

  • Unlimited Prep + Most 5-Star Reviews

*Terms & conditions apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What fraction of accepted applicants prep for their admissions tests?

Most of our accepted students (76%) use some form of preparation. It makes intuitive sense. This is the best way to make sure you have done everything in your power to avoid the dreaded rejection letter and the ensuing waste of time, money and energy associated with the re-application process.

2. What's the best way to prepare for CASPer?

The best way to prepare is using realistic simulations followed by expert feedback so you can learn from your mistakes. Just like any other skill set, you need to prepare in advance because CASPer skills are not inherited but learned behaviors. In fact, in a research study we showed that applicants can increase their CASPer practice scores by up to 23% using our CASPer preparation programs. 

Note that we do not endorse CASPer and its use is not recommended because, in our opinion, it adds unnecessary cost to applicants, studies suggest that situational judgement tests may cause bias, cannot detect the level of intrinsic motivation in applicants, and CASPer's efficacy has not been independently validated and most universities do not use CASPer. We encourage applicants and their parents to proceed with caution when considering applying to schools that require CASPer because we have seen comments on the administrator's website that may hurt applicants' CASPer scores and chances of acceptance. If you are too worried about the test, you may want to consider applying to schools that don't require it. If you have no choice, we are here to help you ace your test. This is why we offer CASPer prep programs because we want to level the playing field so everyone has a fair chance of admission. 

3. Are your programs expensive?

No, our programs are very competitive for the service you receive and the way we stand behind our services. However, it could get very expensive if you get rejected because of inadequate preparation. This is an investment in your future. For every single year of delay because of a rejection letter, you risk losing at least $250,000 per year (very conservative average salary of a practicing professional), plus the cost of re-application process, plus the loss of an entire year, plus all the trouble of re-application. Additionally, we have installment plans available.

4. Will the consultation be online? I don’t have time to travel anywhere.

Yes, your sessions will be online face-to-face via video conferencing so you can take advantage of this program no matter where you are geographically.

5. Who are your CASPer prep experts?

Our CASPer prep experts are practicing professionals who are highly knowledgeable and trained specifically for CASPer, including practicing professionals from top schools who have been on the other side of the admissions process.

6. My CASPer test is not until several weeks from now, can I still enroll to secure my spot?

Yes, you can. And we recommend that you start preparing in advance because CASPer skills take some time to develop since it is behavioral type test unlike fact-based tests.

7. How long will I have access to the online video course?

You will have unlimited access to the video course so you can watch and re-watch it as many times as you like until end of the current CASPer season.

8. How many times can I take my CASPer SIM practice test?

You can take the CASPer SIM practice tests only once just like the real test. This is done intentionally to simulate real test conditions for best results. If you could take the same test multiple times, you would not treat your practice test seriously and additionally taking the same exact test multiple times has absolutely no benefit and in fact may hurt your performance by creating a false sense of confidence.

9. Can I enroll in the Platinum program now and upgrade to Titanium later?

Yes you can. You can enroll in any program and then upgrade by paying the difference in enrollment fees. However, note that our Titanium and Platinum program have very limited number of spots because of their consultation intensive nature and we normally reach full capacity before the CASPer season is over so it's best to secure your spot as soon as possible.

10. How long is each feedback session?

The duration of the session varies because our feedback sessions are personalized. For example, if someone does really well during their CASPer SIM practice test, the feedback would be shorter, but if someone does poorly, the feedback session will take longer because we would spend more time explaining the concepts and point out strategies for improvement. Typically our feedback sessions take 90 to 120 minutes but we don't have a strict clock ticking and our goal is to make sure you get appropriate individual feedback.

11. In what geographical locations are your services available? What programs do you support?

Our CASPer prep programs are available all over the world. We have expertise to help you ace your CASPer no matter where you are or what school and program you are taking the CASPer test for.

12. What programs do your CASPer preparation programs support?

Our CASPer prep programs are available for any program that requires CASPer, including but not limited to medicine, nursing, physician assistant, pharmacy, optometry, physiotherapy, teacher's education, dentistry, social work, veterinary, speech therapy and post graduate medicine.

13. What does CASPer stand for?

CASPer is merely descriptive of Computer Based Assessment for Sampling Personal characteristics. It is essentially an acronym. 

14. Do the Titanium and Platinum programs really include unlimited mock CASPer tests until I am ready?

Absolutely. If you are in the Titanium or Platinum program, we will work with you for as long as necessary, for the duration of the current application season, until our admissions experts are 100% confident that you are going to ace your CASPer test. And this is a highly personalized program so the number of sessions and frequency varies for each of our students based on your initial performance and the date of your first CASPer test. We only request that you strictly adhere to the recommendations of our CASPer prep experts to get maximum results.

15. How does your 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee work again?

On the fence? Take us for a spin risk free: If you’re not 100% in love, let us know immediately after your 1st session and we’ll issue a 100% refund. No questions asked. Must be a new BeMo student and the refund request must be received immediately after your 1st session and no later than the end of the day on the same day you have had your first session and before you book any subsequent session. If we don't hear from you within the same day OR if you book any subsequent sessions, we assume you were satisfied and would like to continue. Fair enough? Let’s go!

16. How does your 4th Quartile Challenge™ Guarantee work again?

If you get an official 4th quartile score within one admissions cycle from the time of enrollment, we’ll turn your enrollment fee to BeMo credits for use for any future BeMo program such as, interviews, applications, or whatever else BeMo offers to help you with the next stage! Must be for official quartile score within one admissions cycle following enrollment in one of BeMo’s programs shown here and you should not have scored 4th Quartile prior to enrollment. This is to challenge you to get the highest quartile score possible and get accepted to your dream program, so you have choice instead of regrets!

17. How does your No Acceptance, No B.S. FREE Repeat™ Guarantee work again?

Didn’t get accepted to any program? Repeat the entire program FREE on us! No questions asked. No fine prints. No B.S. To activate your repeat send us a copy of your submitted applications and rejection letters from all schools to show that you did indeed apply after enrollment and did not get accepted to any schools

18. I have some more questions, can I speak to someone before I enroll?

Yes you can! Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We'll answer all your questions and create a personalized course of action for you to get you started.

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