When looking to improve the potential of your business, learning the best strategies for customer retention will ensure that customers are well treated. Many businesses rely on positive customer experiences to survive, so having a reliable foundation of customers will never be a hinderance to you. Due to the broad meaning of what customer retention entails, it may be difficult to figure out exactly where to start and what is best for your business.

Thankfully, this article discusses what exactly customer retention is and why it is important for businesses to consider. It will also outline various possible customer retention strategies and the benefits of employer partnerships in keeping loyal customers satisfied.

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What Is Customer Retention? Why Is Customer Retention Important to Businesses? What are the Best Strategies for Customer Retention? FAQs

What Is Customer Retention?

Customer retention can be the result of a broad set of business tactics that ensure customer loyalty to your business, whatever it may be. While they could encompass any technique that puts customers first, it is more about turning potential one-time customers into dedicated fans of your brand. It is about making sure customers go beyond the bare minimum and keep a consistent interest in whatever service you are offering. Any organization that relies on customer interaction should be aware of customer retention and its benefits for the future of their enterprise.

Putting in effort and using specified techniques to improve customer retention will positively affect conversions to other key performance indicators your company may have. It is one of the best business growth and development ideas that your organization could use to expand its horizons. In fact, customer retention itself may be more important than finding new customer leads, as keeping the same patrons coming back says more about your business’ practices and will have more long-lasting results overall. Customer retention strategies affect every aspect of your organization and are something to consider at all times when conducting business operations.

Why Is Customer Retention Important to Businesses?

Essentially, customer retention is the key to success for a business on multiple levels. Customer retention is a safety net that a company can fall back on if there is some other setback. It is one of the first things any business should master and should be near the very top of the priority list, along with ways to increase employee productivity. Financially, customers are what allow businesses to stay afloat. When you have repeat customers, that ultimately results in better revenue. More income can lead to more opportunities for growth, such as advertising or advantageous partnerships. Therefore, customers are the backbone of a lot of businesses.

Repeat customers, in theory, are easier to please than new ones. They already like your service enough to continue coming back, so keeping those customers as part of your repertoire is always great. If treated correctly, repeat customers could be a guaranteed source of profit for your business. In a nutshell, it means you are doing something right. There is no reason for you to want to lose customers, however, and this process must be consistently updated to be truly effective in the long run.

Customer retention could also be important to track during quarterly or yearly data collection. Every successful enterprise does have its key performance indicators but keeping track of customer retention, specifically as a KPI or some other goalpost, can allow you to make the moves necessary in future months that will benefit your business. If rates are falling slowly for whatever reason, you can catch it early and work toward reversing it before it becomes detrimental. Keeping track of customer retention could be a way to kickstart the implementation of retention measures in your company based on the data you discover.

Think of the questions you would need to ask when evaluating customer retention:

  • What is the percentage of repeat customers for our company? 
  • If we have measures already in place, are these measures more successful at certain times than others?
  • How can our marketing strategies improve our customer retention rate?

If you do not have a significant way of keeping track, part of the solution could simply be creating one. All of this information about repeat customers will be helpful when creating business plans, promotion, budgeting, and more, leading to a better functioning organization.

Your company’s positive reputation and its ability to retain customers go hand in hand. Providing the best possible service will reward itself tenfold when it comes to how your business is perceived by the general public. Whether it is online or through person-to-person communication, if your loyal customers provide word of mouth to their circles, this could lead to more referrals and customers coming in the door.

If you keep your employees happy as well, a good reputation can be the catalyst for many great new clients, who could also become repeat customers and so on. This benefit does not solely bring in more customers, however. A good reputation could also catch the attention of ambassadors, advertisers, or partners who will be more than happy to collaborate with you due to the satisfaction you bring to your customers. Seeing all your five-star reviews or hearing personal accounts of working together presents a great opportunity for your company to reach a wider audience. Having set procedures to increase customer retention is an essential piece of this puzzle and can be that steppingstone your business needs to move forward.

What are the Best Strategies for Customer Retention?

There is a wide array of strategies businesses can use, and a combination of them will usually make for the best solution. Some are dependent on the type of industry you are in, while others could be supporting an area that is lacking attention throughout the company. Picking the right strategies for your business will ultimately have the most impact. Nothing will fix all issues of customer retention completely, but they are worth a shot if they raise retention rates, even marginally. Here are a few of the best strategies for customer retention that you can try in your business:

  1. Know your customers. Know who your customers are and who you intend to market your business toward. When it comes to keeping track of your repeat customers, knowing where the best opportunities are and who your services are resonating with is really important. Take note of data regarding the most common repeat customers. This does not solely apply to individual consumers or shoppers in a retail setting, but also to a business-to-business relationship. Do they align with the target audience you are sending out for? There could be an issue if the answer is no. If the answer is yes, are there ways to reach out to other demographics?
  2. Use feedback systems. A great way to keep customers engaged with your services is to make them feel heard when they have concerns. Your business practices will never be perfect and need to be updated frequently. One of the ways to figure out what to work on is found within the feedback. Feedback systems, such as surveys or Trustpilot reviews, for example, will give you a solid indication of what your customers think of you. They will also show you a path for how to move forward or respond to any concerns, which will make your customers happier and keep them as reliable patrons. Hearing from them directly will improve the experience of future customers who may have faced the same issues.
  3. Keep communication open. In addition to receiving feedback, there should be an open line of communication at all times with the customer to remind them of your business and keep them coming back. Through newsletters, emails, or blogs, you can reach the customer at any time and catch them at a moment when they may need your services. Let customers know how they can save money, the offers you are promoting, and how they benefit from doing business with you. If you have a particular set of values or mission statement that your company embodies, make sure your customers know that at every turn. They can relate to that cause and help support it by being a repeat customer. Stick to those promises and back up your claims to remain consistent. When customers align with your business practices or values, they are much more likely to remain a customer with your organization. The opposite is true for customers you lose, so it is important to communicate this information to them often.
  4. Keep up with the times. Stay updated on industry trends and technology to get ahead of the competition. For instance, retail stores may need to make the most of cell phone apps, point of sale technology, and online shopping. The internet as a whole could be a viable tool for attracting new customers as well as retaining them for any industry. Create social media accounts for your business, such as TikTok and Instagram, and update them frequently with the most current information. That is one of the most reliable ways to employ marketing strategies and be seen in today’s digital age. Part of retaining customers is also about reaching those customers who will gravitate toward your brand the most. Snappy posts can bring more eyes to your business and affect your reputation as a brand. Offering e-commerce or online services will allow you to access an international clientele that once again will open up more doors for your company to create lasting relationships with customers.
  5. Hire the best employees. Hiring the best customer representatives and other employees is crucial to customer retention and is also where it tends to begin. Your staff can make or break the experience of a customer, considering they will probably be interacting with them the most throughout their time working with you. Use out-of-the-box recruiting strategies to get the workers you need to fulfill your promises to your customers. These employees will leave the first impression on the customer, perhaps even more so than the actual service itself. A great experience with a helpful customer service agent will surely lead to future business with that same person. As mentioned earlier, a satisfied customer could refer others or speak highly of your enterprise, ideally leading to more repeat customers. When recruiting the best employees, make sure they are aware of your company’s values and policies regarding customer service. Keep them satisfied based on the top job satisfaction factors, so that they can interact with customers as effectively as possible knowing that their employer supports them.
  6. Reward loyal customers. For customer retention, gifts are always welcome and will retain your customers. Surprises are even better. Having loyalty rewards for your customers is a great way to not only have them interact with your business, but also ensure that the interaction is positive because they just received a worthwhile discount or advantage. Your customers should feel like they have an individualized experience with you. Setting up a customer account will make the transmission of these rewards much simpler. Otherwise, it will be harder to keep track of their purchases and information. Point systems or cards, whereby a certain number of accumulated points can lead to additional rewards, tend to be very popular. Maybe customers can also receive seasonal discounts, birthday offers, holiday rebates, coupons, and more – just for being a friend to your company. Gifts and rewards let your customer know you are thinking of them and want them to receive some pleasure in partnering with you. They are a great way to retain your best customers and further establish that relationship.
  7. Partner with external consulting companies. Whenever you have an issue with customer or employee retention, partnering with a company like BeMo Academic Consulting can help solve this problem. Using BeMo as one of your creative employee benefits can increase the attraction of top talent, leading to reduced time and money spent looking for these employees. BeMo can also provide services to your employees that will keep them satisfied. Training and development activities for employees, career advancement, interview prep, and resume building are just some of the many perks you can offer your staff through BeMo. Our experts, trained in career planning and college admissions consulting, will provide unlimited, private support. Employees and their families can connect online with a coach anytime, anywhere to fulfill their needs and change their futures. Happy employees mean happy, loyal customers; one greatly influences the other. Synergy between the two will increase profits and decrease any headaches. Employee satisfaction will trickle down to the customer level and will keep customers coming back.
  8. Be unique with your approach. To retain your customers, incorporate strategies and offer services that the competition is not using. Be aware of what the competition is doing for their customers and what they are not, so you can adjust your own plans. Your business has to stand out in the crowd, so having a unique angle to your customer service will be more memorable. Most customers have multiple options to choose from for any service. Make sure your company is the best option for them by appealing to every need you can think of. Figure out what is lacking within your organization when it comes to customer retention and focus on that to ensure the greatest results. Not every strategy will work for every industry, so half the battle is whittling down to a particular set of effective strategies that will maximize happiness all around.


1. What is the purpose of implementing customer retention strategies?

The general purpose of implementing customer retention strategies in your business is to keep customers loyal and boost their satisfaction, so that your business fulfills its intended purpose. This will lead to your organization running smoothly while holding its own against stiff competition.

2. I have enough repeat customers, and the business is doing well. Do I still need to think about customer retention strategies?

It should be a constant conversation being had in meetings throughout the year. Things change from one day to the next in the business world, and there are always ways to improve your practices. Providing the best experience for your customers is a process that never ends for any business.

3. How important is hiring the best employees for customer retention?

Very important. Your employees are the individuals who should be transmitting your company values to your customers and making them feel welcome with you. Your employees are the primary liaison between your company and the customer. A customer’s perception of your entire business could sour due to a single negative experience with an employee. Using effective employee motivation strategies will make your staff ready to serve your customers. In addition, your hiring, onboarding, and training processes should make the importance of customer retention clear. 

4. How do I know if a particular customer retention strategy is right for my business?

There are a variety of options, but it may depend on your industry. It is wise to start with the concerns of actual clients, using a feedback or survey system to discern exactly what the most common complaints are. Those are immediate concerns that you could address before implementing any other new retention strategies.

5. What are some ways to track customer loyalty?

Customers who have an account with your company can track past experiences or purchases, receive points, access special offers, and more. All this information will be kept in one place, making it easier to track. Take note of what demographics are most common and try to appeal to others as well. Expanding your outreach to customers will also raise the chances of customer retention.

Meanwhile, on a business-to-business level, there is less to keep track of, as their experiences with your company will tend to be bigger collaborations or projects. However, there are still many questions to consider. Which companies seem to reach out most often? What industries are they in? How do you strengthen your bonds with these customers? Are there ways to expand your horizons?

6. What social media platforms reach the most potential new customers?

This depends on your company. However, having a skilled social media manager on your team will boost your engagement online. The most popular platforms that you hear about often will be the most effective.

7. How is a partnership a customer retention strategy?

Partnerships with consulting companies such as BeMo Academic Consulting may seem unrelated to customer retention, but the benefits they offer your employees will trickle down to your customers’ enjoyment of your offerings. Using expert coaches is one of the most efficient ways to learn how to retain your best employees. When your employees enjoy their job, are knowledgeable about your products or services, and have the ability to develop professionally, they will be able to serve your customers more effectively. 

8. Besides the customers, who else benefits from an external partnership?

Both employers and employees benefit from academic consulting partnerships with BeMo. When their best employees are satisfied, employers save time and money, particularly with hiring and onboarding. It is a business investment, but one that will have many positive consequences for a company that needs assistance.

Employees also save time and money on consulting expenses while receiving expert guidance when pursuing further academic interests. In addition, their families receive the same support. For instance, if their child or partner needs medical school application help, they will have access to this incredible opportunity simply because of their association with your employee. The gift of higher education is made much more accessible to everyone when an employer partners with BeMo.

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