BeMo's Employee Benefits Program: Increase Employee Retention By 53%

Unlimited Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional School & Career Coaching for Your Employees & Their Children.

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When Employers and Employees Win, The Organization Wins:

Here's how employers benefit:

  • Increase attraction of top talent by 47%: Adding BeMo's employee benefit to our job posts has increased the number of applicants by up to 47%. The implications are obvious. Reduced time to hire and better quality of applicants.
  • Increase employee retention by 53%: That's not all, offering BeMo's services to our own employees has increased retention by 53% across departments. The question is what will even an increase of 10% to retention do to your company? Less wasted time rehiring/retraining/recruiting and more time focused on what matters most.
  • Offer a benefit with no parallel: There are no other benefits that save both employees and employers time and money and have such a significant impact on employees job satisfaction and employee and their family member's career advancement. We dare you to name one!
  • Best business investment: The increase in talent acquisition, retention and job satisfaction alone are estimated to pay over 10X the cost of the benefit program. And since this is an employee benefits program, the costs to us are significantly reduced which allows us to pass on the savings to you. A small investment in your business that goes much farther than any other activity in your organization.
  • Increase revenue, profit and customer retention: Most importantly, happy employees that stay longer = increased revenue, reduced costs and happier customers in a synergy that will increase your profits and reduce your headaches.

Here's how employees benefit:

  • Employees save time: Employees spend an average of 10 hours per week helping family members applying to educational programs. Time that can go into your organization. BeMo alleviates that by helping your employees and their family from A to Z of applications, test prep, and interview prep. We even help with career consulting, resume building and job interview preparation.
  • Employees save money: Admissions consulting fees can cost employees up to $20,000/year for each family member. However, since we are offering this at scale the costs are significantly reduced and you can set up a co-pay system so the cost to your employees is anywhere from none to just a small percentage of the total fee. This is a major cost saving and ensures that all your employees and their families have equal access to higher education which is a predictor of life satisfaction and higher income.
  • Employees advance their careers: One of the major reasons most employees resign their current roles is lack of personal and professional advancement. BeMo's employee benefit programs ensures employees can quickly advance both personally and professionally.
  • Employees' family members advance their careers: With unlimited private support at their finger tips. Your employees' family members will be able to pursue any educational or career choice knowing that with BeMo's expertise, anything is possible.
  • Employees & family members can connect with a coach anytime, anywhere: Since all of our services are provided online via private video consultations, your employees and family members can have access to our services at anytime, anywhere, 7 days a week.

Unlimited Private Coaching

Whether your employees and/or their children need help applying to undergraduate, graduate, or professional programs or looking for a new career, we can help. BeMo's employee benefits program provides unlimited support for applications, test prep, interview prep, resume building, and career planning for employees and their children. This way your employees can easily advance their skills and avoid wasting time navigating the world of higher education admissions for themselves and family members.

Unlimited Resources

Unlimited access to BeMo's books, video courses, simulations, guides and more.

Unlimited Access to Top 5% Admissions Experts & Career Coaches

BeMo's admissions experts and career coaches are practicing professionals and top graduates, such as doctors and PhDs, who have over 100 hours of training in the field of admissions and career consulting. That's no all, we only hire top 5% of applicants who pass our rigorous testing procedure. This is why we have such a high success rate of 93.5%.

93.5% Success Rate. 100% Online. 7 Days a Week.

Everything happens conveniently online. Your employees and their family members don't need to go anywhere and can learn from anywhere. We also offer flexible scheduling so they can learn whenever and wherever they learn best, 7 days a week. This saves them time and ensures they are not distracted at work. That's not all. What we do works and it works consistently. That's why we have a 93.5% success rate for those who actually implement our recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I learn more about adding BeMo's Employee benefit to our benefits package for our employees?

Simple! Click here to schedule a free call and we'll go over all the details.

2. How much does this cost?

The cost depends on the number of employees and family member's enrolled and the type of package you choose for your employees. We'll go over the details with you during the free call. Click here to schedule a call now.

3. Does this really provide unlimited private coaching for our employees and their families?

Yes it does! All enrolled employees and family members will have access to unlimited private coaching provided by BeMo.

4. What are some education programs, career consulting aspects you can help with?

We can help with application review and interview prep for any undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. We also help with standardized test prep for several educational programs and more are being added to cover all major standardized tests. Lastly, we help with career planning, resume review and job interview preparation.

5. What is your success rate again?

Our success rate is 93.5% for individuals who actually follow through with the recommendation of our experts. As you probably agree coaching only works when people listen to their coaches.

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