How To Write A Residency CV – The Definitive Guide

Whether you're applying through ERAS or CaRMS, you'll need to use information in your residency CV to complete your residency application. Knowing exactly what to include in your residency CV can be challenging, and if your CV isn't put together correctly and doesn't demonstrate what makes you unique as a candidate, residency directors won't be convinced that you're a suitable match for their program. This blog will tell you exactly how to write a residency CV by exploring important sections to include, as well as an example, so you can ensure your CV and application will stand out among other candidates. 

The following topics will be explored:

Purpose of a Residency CV

Residency CV: Format

Residency CV: Choosing Entries to Include

Residency CV: Sections to Include

Residency CV Example

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Residency Personal Statement Examples


Applying for residency is already complicated.  In addition to everything else you need to compile to apply, you need to write a compelling personal statement. If you are having trouble getting started, you are not alone. Many students find that the personal statement can be one of the most challenging components of your residency application. The personal statement can make or break your application. Get started on the right track by following the guidelines outlined for you below.  

This blog will outline what types of things to include in your residency personal statement. It will also give you 3 examples of personal statements from 3 different specialties written by actual students who matched into those fields. Use these residency personal statement examples for reference as you work in filling out your residency application.

You will learn:

What to Include in Your Personal Statement

Residency Personal Statement Example #1: Family Medicine

Residency Personal Statement Example #2: Anesthesia

Residency Personal Statement Example #3: Surgery

How To Address Areas of Concern


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What to Include in Your Personal Statement

Most residency programs, whether through ERAS (US-based) or CaRMS (Canada-based) require applicants to submit a personal statement or letter. Check out the definitive guide to ERAS or the definitive guide to CaRMS and keep your application on track.

Some programs will include specific instructions for what they wish you to talk about, while others will not give you a topic.

ERAS, as well as most CaRMS programs, ask that your statement be within a one-page limit, about 750-850 words. Please check the specific program requirements through the ERAS or CaRMS websites.

The experiences in your residency CV can be used to help you indicate why you are applying to a particular program and how you came to that decision.

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Navigating CaRMS: The Definitive Guide to the Canadian Residency Matching Service


What You Will Find In This Post

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This post will explain the process of applying for postgraduate medical education in Canada.  CaRMS is the online portal that applicants use to apply for a residency training position.  This can feel overwhelming and intense.  That is why I have put together this guide to help you and give you some insider CaRMS tips.  It will also cover what medical students can do throughout their medical education to prepare for your CaRMS application. These CaRMS tips and tricks will have you on your way to a stellar application.  Lastly, it will cover every aspect of the CaRMS process and suggest helpful suggestions to ensure your application is successful.

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ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service): The Definitive Guide


You have come so far from your first day of medical school; now you are getting ready to pick a career. The totality of your experiences, knowledge, hardships, and joys have shaped the physician you are about to become. Applying for residency with the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) can be stressful, but BeMo is here to support you with this definitive ERAS guide!

ERAS Guide: Overview

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ERAS Guide: Introduction

Before we dive into our definitive ERAS Guide, let’s start out by outlining the general ERAS Application Timeline, and what your 3rd and 4th year of medical school should look like.  This will help you organize your time and priorities accordingly.  Below is an abridged timeline using the information, dates, and resources provided by the AAMC.  You can access the following link anytime to get the specific dates for your application year:

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