How To Answer The Residency Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself”

When it comes to common residency interview questions, “tell me about yourself” tops the list. You're almost guaranteed to be asked this question during your interview, and it's not a question that you can answer well on the spot without prior preparation. In this blog, review strategies to help create your own response that will effectively answer this challenging residency interview question.

Here's what you're going to learn:

What is the purpose of the “tell me about yourself” residency interview question?

How to best answer “tell me about yourself?” in a residency interview

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Standardized Video Interview (SVI) - The Definitive Guide


The Standardized Video Interview, or SVI

Overview of what you are going to learn about the SVI:

1. SVI Rationale

2. What is a standardized video interview, SVI

3. SVI format

4. How is SVI scored

5. How to prepare in advance

6. Sample questions & answers

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1. SVI Rationale

The Standardized Video Interview (SVI) is an interview format intended to evaluate two key competencies highlighted by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME): Knowledge of Professional Behaviors and Interpersonal and Communication Skills. As with other interview formats, such as traditional interviews or multiple mini interviews, the SVI is intended to evaluate an applicant's non-academic competencies (“soft skills”), particularly with regard to emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and maintaining ethical convictions central to the field of medicine. These virtual interviews often act as an intermediary step between the formal application and later in-person interviews. The stated purpose of the SVI is to increase the overall pool of applicants invited to interview, particularly allowing applicants with moderate Board scores, but strong non-academic competencies, to reach the interview stage. After being piloted in, and endorsed by, the emergency medicine program community, the SVI will now be a standard component of the ERAS application for all applicants to ACGME-accredited emergency medicine residency programs, with wider-ranging standardization in other programs a possibility in the near future.

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43 Surprising versus Common Residency Interview Questions & Answers


We're Going to Discuss the Following Questions:

1. Residency Interview Questions: #1. What do you do for fun?

2. Residency Interview Questions: #2. Why should we choose you?

3. Residency Interview Questions: #3. Do you have any questions for me?

4. Residency Interview Questions: #4. How many emails are in your inbox?

5. Residency Interview Questions: #5. When was the last time you got mad?

6. Residency Interview Questions: #6. Tell us about yourself.

7. Residency Interview Questions: #7. Why would you like to pursue?

8. Residency Interview Questions: #8. Why would you like to join our program?

9. Residency Interview Questions: #9. What differentiates you from other candidates?

10. Residency Interview Questions: #10. Please explain the following…

11. Residency Interview Questions: 33 More Questions

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Residency Interview Questions: #1. What do you do for fun?

This question by itself didn’t catch me off-guard, but I was really surprised to be asked about my hobbies and interests outside of medicine at almost every interview. It seemed like everyone wanted to know something more personal about applicants and get more insight into our personal lives. Even more than having a “real-life” conversation between applicants and interviewers, I think this question is also trying to figure out how we make the most of our free time. Stress, anxiety, and burn-out are huge problems in residency and big factors in career duration and satisfaction. How you choose to balance and prioritize your personal and professional life will go a long way to helping you make the most of residency and beyond. As well, many of my fellow residents have said that they have met their interviewers later on in their training who remember them as “the baker,” “the record collector,” or “the girl who hates working out but does it anyway.” This question is also a chance to let a unique part of your personality shine through. 

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International Medical Graduate Reveals His Top Tips For Securing a Residency Position Abroad


So you’re finishing medical school and looking to the future. What next? Where should I go? What should I specialize in? What kind of lifestyle do I want? Is it going to change over time? These are all important questions every medical student must ask themselves when they’re choosing a path for themselves post-medical school. Then there are those who look further afield than their own home country, to overseas training programs. Those people are in for quite a different experience.

My Journey as an International Medical Graduate

My medical school training took place in the UK, and 

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Medical residency interview tips, strategies and sample residency interview questions.


The residency interview is the final obstacle between you and the career of your dreams. It will require meticulous planning and preparation, as you will be competing for very limited spots with other extra-ordinarily qualified candidates.

Why you MUST ace your residency interview

Before we jump into any specific residency interview tips, let’s take look at the statistics to show you why it is absolutely critical that you prepare well in advance to ace your interviews.

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